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Irish author’s six-figure deal: ‘My luck has turned around so quickly I have whiplash’

Caroline O’Donoghue has landed a six-figure, two-book deal for her YA debut novel which has been described as “Stranger Things meets Sabrina The Teenage Witch”.


Podcast of the week: Sentimental Garbage

On Sentimental Garbage, the latest podcast by author and journalist Caroline O’Donoghue, she has long conversations with other female writers about that most-maligned genre, chick-lit. O’Donoghue’s thesis is that because of sexism and marketing, the stories women write that are branded under chick-lit are lost to mainstream readers and undervalued critically because of their focus on female experience.

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‘Brilliantly sharp and timely tale

Promising Young Women may seem, at the outset, like a story we've heard before; ambitious girl takes on the city and her married, older boss. Yet O'Donoghue lets a gripping tale eventually unfurl. Clem is much more than a pervy old boss, while Jane's mental and physical well-being takes a shocking turn. Make no mistake, there is a brilliant sharpness underneath what may seem like a glossy surface.